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DAY 1 (25 May 2021)

  • 09:45

    Opening Ceremony

    Anatolii Ziuzev Ural Federal University
  • 10:00

    Oral Session 1. Electrical Machines for Automated AC Electric Drives (Chairs: Vladimir Prakht, Vadim Kazakbaev) 10 min presentation+5 min discussion


    Ultra Premium Efficiency (IE5 Energy-Efficiency Class) Synchronous Reluctance Motors.

    Vladimir Prakht, Vladimir Dmitrievskii, Vadim Kazakbaev

    Ural Federal University


    Mathematical modeling of multi-winding synchronous generators with permanent magnets for autonomous consumers

    Denis Kotin, Ludmila Tolstobrova and Ilya Ivanov

    Novosibirsk State Technincal University


    The Research Of Increase Of Torque Of Synchronous Motor In The Field Of Small Slip Values

    Denis Ustinov

    Mining University


    Comparison of Methods for Determining the Idle Current of Asynchronous Motors

    Mikhail Petushkov, Anvar Sarvarov and Valeriy Kosmatov

    Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University


    Analysis of methods for calculating parameters of the equivalent circuit of a squirrel cage induction motor

    Sergei Eremochkin and Danil Dorokhov

    Polzunov Altai State Technical University


    Review of Methods for Determining Parameters of Synchronous Generators Computational Model

    Alexander Berdin, Alexander Moiseichenkov, Pavel Kovalenko, Mihail Senyuk and Valentin Mukhin

    Ural Federal University

  • 11:30


  • 12:00

    Oral Session 1. Electrical Machines for Automated AC Electric Drives (Chairs: Vladimir Prakht, Vadim Kazakbaev) 10 min presentation+5 min discussion


    Flux Weakening Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Losses Reduction

    Oleg Sivkov and Jaroslav Novak

    Czech Technical University in Prague


    Method for Estimating a Residual Resource of Induction Motor Winding Insulation Based on Capacitive Leakage Currents

    Vladimir Metelkov, Dina Esaulkova and Konstantin Kondakov

    Ural Federal University


    Features of simulation capacitive leakage currents of electric motor stator winding insulation

    Vladimir Metelkov, Mikhail Borodin and Dina Esaulkova

    Ural Federal University


    Parameter Sensitivity Analysis for 3-Φ Synchronous Reluctance Motor: A Critical Evaluation

    Sarath Duvvuri, Durga Prasad Garapati and Gayathri Siripurapu

    Shri Vishnu Engineering College for Women Bhimavaram


    Experimental Results of Starting a Three-Stage Synchronous Generator Using a Reactive Torque

    Maksim Zharkov, Regina Sarakhanova and Denis Kurochkin

    Novosibirsk State Technical University


    To the calculation of the magnetic conductivity coefficient of the combined multifunctional brushless activator for various ways of constructing an anchor winding of inductor axidator

    Vitaliy Smetanin, Victor Denisenko, Artyom Ermolenko and Alexander Moiseychenkov

    Ural Federal University


    Estimation of the slot conductivity of an induction motor with an asymmetric magnetic circuit

    Vitaliy Smetanin, Victor Denisenko and Vadim Semenenko

    Ural Federal University


  • 13:30


  • 14:30

    Oral Session 2. Power Electronic Converters for AC Electric Drives (Chairs: Alecksey Anuchin) 10 min presentation+5 min discussion



    Research of frequency converter with vector-algoritmic control

    Denis Kotin, Stepan Sukhinin and Ludmila Tolstobrova

    Novosibirsk State Technical University


    Modified resonant controllers with time delay compensation

    Oleg Nos, Pavol Makyš and Sergey Kharitonov

    University of Zilina

    Novosibirsk State Technical University


    Analysis and Study of Cycloconverter Based on Rotating Magnetic Field Transformer

    Mikhail Dubovik, Vyacheslav Solovjev, Vladimir Klimash and Sergej Cherniy

    Komsomolsk-na-Amure State University


    Mathematical Model of a Three-Phase PWM Rectifier with Direct Power Control System

    Iurii Plotnikov and Andrey Shaburov

    Ural Federal University


    Current Control of a Direct Current Motor Fed through LC-filter from Power Converter Based on Wide-Bandgap Semiconducting Devices

    Alecksey Anuchin, Moumita Das, Lev Rassudov, Dmitrii Savkin, Ksenya Fedorova and Nikolay Kuraev

    Moscow Power Engineering Institute

    Indian Institute Of Technology

  • 16:00


  • 16:30

    Oral Session 5. AC Electric Drives Industrial Applications (Chairs: Anatolii Ziuzev, Samuel Tecle) 10 min presentation+5 min discussion


    Synthesis of a neuroregulator with predictive control of the electric drive of the actuators of technological units of metallurgical production

    Evgeny Sentsov and Victor Meshcheryakov

    Lipetsk State Technical University


    Monitoring of High-Voltage Electric Drives of Pumping Units of Heat Supply Complexes of Megacities

    Yelena Kalashnikova, Boris Feshin and Mihail Peshko

    Karaganda Technical University

    Omsk State Technical University


    Research and analysis of a two-circuit and three-circuit system for automatic regulation of the thickness of a reversing cold rolling mill, PJSC "Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant"

    Tatyana Sinyukova, Pavel Levin and Alexey Sinyukov

    Lipetsk State Technical University


    Methods of damping of electromechanical oscillations in a multi-motor system

    Tatyana Sinyukova, Vladislav Gladyshev, Alexey Sinyukov and Victoria Lesnikova

    Lipetsk State Technical University


    Improving The Reliability Of STD-12500-2-Type Electric Motor Of Turbocompressors By Predicting Its State By Means Of Spectrum Analysis

    Oleg Kryukov, Igor Gulyaev and Dmitriy Teplukhov

    LLC «TSN-Electro»

    National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University



    Development of Fault Diagnosis Model for Sucker Rod Pump Using Motor Power Curve

    Samuel Tecle, Anatolii Ziuzev and Vladmir Spiridonov

    Ural Federal University


    Control System Improvement of the Electric Drive of the Pumping Unit for Oil Production

    Tergemes Kazhybek, Duman Amanbek, Algazy Zhauyt and Bakytgul Maratova

    Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications


    Induction motors for use in the strong power fields equipment for processing spent nuclear fuel in the special module of the prototype mixing device for an energy complex

    Vitalii Smetanin, Victor Denisenko, Victor Lytkin, Denis Lukonin and Constantin Dvoeglazov

    Ural Federal University

DAY 2 (26 May 2021)

  • 10:00

    Oral Session 3. EMC and Power Quality of AC Electric Drives (Chairs: Iurii Plotnikov) 10 min presentation+5 min discussion


    Active power filter adapted to electric drive

    Maksim Maratovich Khabibullin and Victor Nikolayevich Meshcheryakov

    Lipetsk State Technical University


    Development of a method for reducing starting currents and electromagnetic torque of a two-phase induction motor by delaying voltage supply

    Viktor Meshcheryakov and Aleksey Belousov

    Lipetsk State Technical University


    Diagnostic Possibilities of Induction Motor Bearing Currents

    Karolina Kudelina, Toomas Vaimann, Anton Rassõlkin, Ants Kallaste, Galina Demidova and Dzmitry Karpovich

    Tallinn University of Technology

    Belarusian State Technological University


    Energy efficient power supply system of induction heating plant

    Sergey Titov, Alexey Evseev and Daniil Bezdenezhnykh

    LLC "SPE System48"

    Lipetsk State Technical University


    Analysis of the impact on the power system of a metallurgical enterprise of the start-up modes of an electric drive of an air centrifugal compressor based on a high-voltage synchronous motor

    Tatyana Sinyukova, Denis Shishlin, Alexey Sinyukov and Alexander Goloshchapo

    Lipetsk State Technical University


    Active Power Analysis of PWM-driven Induction Motor in Frequency Domain

    Alex Anttila, Lassi Aarniovuori, Markku Niemelä, Minhaj Zaheer, Pia Lindh and Juha Pyrhönen

    LUT University

  • 11:30


  • 12:00

    Oral Session 3. EMC and Power Quality of AC Electric Drives (Chairs: Iurii Plotnikov) 10 min presentation+5 min discussion


    Providing Electromagnetic Compatibility of High-Power Frequency Converters with Active Rectifiers at Internal Power Supply System of Cherepovets Steel Mill

    Alexander Nikolaev, Ildar Gilemov, Michail Bulanov and Valeriy Kosmatov

    Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University


    Dynamic Voltage Restorer using SRF Controller to mitigate Sag/Swell in Industrial Drive Applications

    Swaroop K P, Sarathbabu Duvvuri and Pavani Koppesetti

    Shri Vishnu Engineering College for Women Bhimavaram


    Integrated Voltage Harmonics Factors Estimation of Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter with Common-Mode-Voltage-Eliminating Space Vector PWM

    Nikolay Lopatkin and Sergey Fenskiy

    Shukshin Altai State University for Humanities and Pedagogy (ASUHP named after V.Shukshin)


    Mathematical model of control system voltage stabilization in a limited power electrical grid

    Igor Ioffe, Aleksey Kostylev, Pavel Pustokhin, Andrey Kirillov and Dmitriy Stepanyuk

    Ural Federal University


    Method of power optimization of a group of independent electric drives with periodic load

    Anatolii Ziuzev, Anton Nakataev, Konstantin Nesterov, Aleksandr Sesekin and Daniil Sashchenko

    Ural Federal University

  • 13:30


  • 14:30

    Oral Session 4. Control and Simulation of AC Electric Drives (Chairs: Mikhail Mudrov) 10 min presentation+5 min discussion


    Control technique for unipolar and bipolar step motor using Arduino and LabVIEW

    Adrian Augustin Pop and Emil Daniel Maer

    Technical University of Cluj Napoca


    A comparison of the vector control of Synchronous Reluctance Motor and Permanent Magnet-Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor

    Hamidreza Heidari, Anton Rassõlkin, Ants Kallaste, Toomas Vaimann, Ekaterina Andriushchenko, Arash Razzaghi and Anouar Belahcen

    Tallinn University of Technology

    Department of Electrical Engineering University of IAU



    Instant and seamless closing of control system of IPMSM after open-loop starting

    Anton Dianov

    Samsung Electronics


    A DTC-model for Electrical Drives Education

    Mikko Hämäläinen, Lassi Aarniovuori, Juha Pyrhönen and Markku Niemelä

    LUT University



    Short review of development approaches of mathematical models for induction motor non-symmetrical modes research

    Dmitry A. Shcherbakov and Vladimir N. Polyakov

    Ural Federal University


    Emulating Induction Machine Loss Segregation Procedure with FEM

    Minhaj Zaheer, Pia Lindh, Lassi Aarniovuori, Alex Anttila, Hannu Kärkkäinen and Juha Pyrhönen

    Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology

  • 16:00


  • 16:30

    Oral Session 4. Control and Simulation of AC Electric Drives (Chairs: Mikhail Mudrov) 10 min presentation+5 min discussion


    ANN deployed DTC for Enhanced Torque Performance on IM based EV Drive

    Dattatraya Kalel, Harshit Mohan, M. Baranidharan and Raja Singh R.

    Vellore Institute of Technology

    IIT Roorkee


    Sensorless Rotor Position Detection of Synchronous Machine using Direct Flux Control – Comparative Evaluation of Rotor Position Estimation Methods

    Rodrigo Zenon Guzman Iturra and Peter Thiemann

    South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences


    Implementation of Discrete Fourier Transform in Mechanical Analysis of a Servo Drive System

    Alexey Dmitriev, Anastasia Kotelnikova, Maxim Lashkevich, Alecksey Anuchin, Fedor Silaev and Vadim Ostrirov

    Moscow Power Engineering Institute



    Sensorless Field Oriented Control of PMSM using Direct Flux Control with improved measurement sequence

    Rodrigo Guzman Iturra and Peter Thiemann

    South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences


    Mathematical Simulation of Multilink Manipulator Elastic Mechanisms with AC Electric Drive

    Georgiy Pyatibratov, Lermont Altunyan and Anzhela Danshina

    Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University


    To the development of a model for the study of overvoltage in an asynchronous electric drive with a PWM frequency converter

    Vladimir Metelkov, Mikhail Borodin, Svetlana Fedorova and Georgy Permyakov

    Ural Federal University


    Robust electric drive control

    Zakir Ishmatov and Vladislav Lukshin

    Ural Federal University

DAY 3 (27 May 2021)

  • 10:00

    Oral Session 6. AC Electric Drives in Transport (Chairs: Karolina Kudelina) 10 min presentation+5 min discussion


    Comparative Analysis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines Used in Automotive Compressors

    Iulia Vascan, Claudia Martis and Lorand Szabo

    Technical University of Cluj-Napoca


    Modeling the system of a dovetailless asynchronous electric drive for conveyor mechanisms

    Vladimir Pikalov, Andrei Boikov, Pavel Ponomarev and Andrei Sdvizkov

    Lipetsk State Technical University


    The Adaptive Starter-Generator System for Aircraft

    Regina Sarakhanova, Sergey Kharitonov, Maksim Zharkov and Dmitry Shtein

    Novosibirsk State Technical University


    Improving the Energy Efficiency of Electric Machines For Specialized Railway Rolling Stock

    Oleg A. Voron and Alexandr D. Petrushin

    Rostov State Transport University


    A technique analysis of ways to compensate high-frequency currents on traction electric machines mechanical units

    Valery Zelentsov, Vladimir Ippolitov and Ignat Dyshlevoy

    Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University

  • 11:30


  • 12:00

    Oral Session 7. Energy Storage in AC Electric Drives (Chairs: Yulia Kazemirova) 10 min presentation+5 min discussion


    Power Supply of The Sucker Rod Pump Unit Electric Drive Using Renewable Energy Sources

    Anton Yashin, Alexander Konev and Marat Khakimyanov

    Ufa State Petroleum Technological University


    Modelling and Analysis of Faulty Components effects on Charging in AC Grid

    Raja Raghavan M, P Vanaja Ranjan and Gs Ayyappan

    CSIR - Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO), Chennai

    Anna University, Chennai


    Approaches to Calculation of Energy Storage Capacity for Frequency-Controlled Asynchronous Electric Drive: Review

    Vladimir Polyakov and Iurii Plotnikov

    Ural Federal University


    Energy Transmission Test Stand for Battery-Powered Railway Vehicles

    Thomas Winkler, Oswald Droegsler and Helmut Weiss

    Montanuniversitaet Leoben - Institute of Electrical Engineering

    Höhere technische Bundeslehr- und Versuchsanstalt Graz-Gösting

  • 13:30


  • 14:30

    Oral Session 8. Smart Grids Issues (Chairs: Rajeev Kumar Chauhan) 10 min presentation+5 min discussion


    Synchronous automatic transfer switch by programmed trajectory movement control for distributed generation

    Renat Abeuov, Natalia Batseva and Daria Kuptsova

    Tomsk Polytechnic University


    Economic Analysis of Energy Scheduling and Trading in Multiple-Microgrids Environment

    Lokesh Vankudoth, Altaf Q.H. Badar, Rajeev Kumar Chauhan and Jahangir Hossain

    National Institute of Technology Warangal

    Dayalbagh Educational Institute

    University of Technology Sydney


    The Effect Of Double-Phase Auto-Reclosing Pause Duration On The Reliability And Power Transmission Throughput Under Dynamic Stability

    Karomatullo Makhmudov, Tatyana Krasilnikova, Anvari Ghulomzoda, Bakhtiyor Ghoziev and Aminjon Zokirzoda

    Novosibirsk State Technical University

    Ural federal University

    National Research University Moscow


    Power Hardware-in-Loop Implementation for Power Grids and Devices: Report and Review

    Anatoliy Ziuzev and Haider Jassim

    Ural Federal University


    A New Approach to Evaluating Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving for Overhead Power Transmission Lines

    Roman Nechitaev and Alexandra Khalyasmaa

    Novosibirsk state technical university

    Ural Federal University

  • 16:00


  • 16:30

    Oral Session 9. Alternate and Renewable Energy Sources (Chairs: Galina Demidova) 10 min presentation+5 min discussion


    Microcontroller Based P&O MPPT for Standalone Solar Power Plants

    Shubham Kumar Singh, Subho Upadhyay and Rajeev Kumar Chauhan

    Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra


    Case study of Supplementary PMSM for Low-Speed Wind Turbine

    Nikolai Poliakov, Konstantin Vorobev, Galina Demidova, Anton Rassõlkin and Dmitry Ramensky


    ITMO University

    Tallinn University of Technology

    Zubax Robotics


    Effect Of Data Preprocessing on the Forecasting Accuracy of Solar Power Plant

    Andrey Bramm, Stanislav Eroshenko and Alexandra Khalyasmaa

    Ural Federal University


    Forecasting Accuracy Improvement of Solar Power Plant’s Generation

    Andrey Bramm and Alexandra Khalyasmaa

    Ural Federal University

  • 18:00

    Closing Ceremony

    Anatolii Ziuzev Ural Federal University

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